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An automatic form generator/editor for JSON

The jsonwidget libraries are a set of libraries for doing the following:

  • Implementing a form interface for editing arbitrary JSON files.
  • Validating JSON against a schema
  • Other utility functions

Primary use:

  • JsonData - MediaWiki extension which integrates Jsonwidget editing.

Other implementations:

  • jsonwidget-python: A terminal window implementation suitable for editing forms via ssh or in a local terminal window.
  • jsonwidget-javascript: A client-side Javascript library generates a basic HTML form interface in the browser. This is an older version, and is deprecated. A newer version can be found included in JsonData.

Application designers using these libraries have the option of providing a schema, limiting the input to a subset of valid JSON compatible with whatever application is actually consuming the JSON, or using a provided permissive schema that allows any valid JSON. The libraries are capable of dynamically generating a form is dynamically generated using nothing more than a schema and a JSON file as input.


News archive


The libraries are licensed under a BSD-style license, making the licensing very flexible for many different applications.

Mailing list

For help on using either of these, send mail to the jsonwidget@lists.robla.net mailing list. I don't anticipate much (any?) traffic here, but posting there is one way of getting my attention. Or just contact me directly at robla@robla.net.

Copyright (c) 2005-2012 Rob Lanphier

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